Thailand’s Lse-Majest Laws in the 21st Century

< />Thailand is a tropical paradise that has come a long way in the past half century. Once widely regarded as a third world country, Thailand now enjoys up and coming nation status and has become one of the worlds most sought after vacation destinations due to its cultural sites, low cost and abundant attractions. Unfortunately, Thailand has had many problems on the political front in recent years and one particular problem at the forefront are the archaic and very strict Lèse-Majeste laws Thailand has.

Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy, whereas the royal family is still revered and respected highly the parliament now does the day to day work of the country. Thaialnd’s Lèse-Majesté laws were put in place long ago to protect the royal family from being demeaned or slandered in any way. Respect for the royal family is paramount and these laws are in place to see that the royal family is protected. While these archaic laws are still on the books they were very rarely used in recent years before the political uprisings occurred. (more…)

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The Movement for Equal Rights for Men and Women

Southeast United StatesAlthough Federal law in the United States bans discrimination on the basis of gender, or a great many other things, for that matter, it is none the less the case that women’s rights still have a way to go in the country. For starters, there has yet to be a female leader of the country. However, even though advanced western countries have advanced far in their treatment of women over the past 100 years or so, there is still much to be done around the world. Women have a long history of being treated as inferior to men, and as such, it will also take a lot of time before the damage can be undone. (more…)

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